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Do you have useful tips, advice, and experiences that you would like to share with those preparing for their adventure abroad? If so, submit an article and share your knowledge with the world! Publication of articles is free for individuals, organizations, and schools worldwide (please note that articles must be non-promotional).

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Want to stand out from the crowd? Place a banner advertisement on, and reach a diverse group of individuals who are looking for an "adventure" abroad. For more information on banner advertising with Adventures Abroad, click below.

Announcements & Program Listings

Are you looking to give your programs more international exposure? Start by submitting a promotional announcement describing and promoting all of the positive aspects of programs as well as the basics, such as duration and type of study. Submitting a promotional announcement includes a feature that allows students to contact your organization directly with their questions and enrollment.

Announcements include topics such as foreign language learning (including ESL classes), international experience through volunteering, working, or interning, or any other subject that may be of interest to those who are looking for an international travel program (including, but not limited to: drawing, dance, cooking, family study, travel accessories, travel arrangements, etc).

Adventures Abroad In Hand

Do you market to university students, faculty and staff? Do you accept individuals from the USA and Canada? Adventures Abroad In Hand is a cost-effective way to let them know about your programs. Published annually, this print resource is hand-delivered to more than 10,000 interested individuals on over 40 university campuses in the USA and Canada who are looking for international opportunities. List your programs!

Who Uses Adventures Abroad

Adventures Abroad reaches about 150,000 people annually. Subscribers average 52,000, with a readership of 1.3 people per subscriber. About 60% are looking for a program to start within 6 months, and then unsubscribe once they find their program. The remaining 40% is comprised of repeat travelers, advisors, human resource coordinators, agents, and others who assist helping people select international programs.

This mix of users is what many of the schools and organizations that have participated with Adventures Abroad in the past have found so rewarding. Not only do we have an underlying base of decision makers, we also have a large group of people that want to select programs now. This is a dynamic forum which continually introduces new people interested in seeing your products and services. We will continually be exposing your company to new people, something that is invaluable.