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"Thank you very much for your information regarding international study, volunteer/work opportunities, internships and related programs worldwide. I am sure it will do me a lot of help."
~Hong, Beijing, China
"Thank you for your wonderful information."
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Italian Language School
"Thanks you for sending me these links and information.   I love reading through all the articles and being able to keep my options open. I will be moving to Japan in August of this year, so having this information is invaluable to me."
"Thanks for the email. Great sites and a great job done."
~Toronto, Canada
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~Kris, Colorado
"Hi, just a quick note to tell you that your new format is 'magnifique,magnifico, estupendo'!!!!"


Why put a banner ad on Adventures Abroad?

If your market is in international education or any related area, you will find an excellent audience at Adventures Abroad. We pride ourselves in providing access to information and services relevant to the needs of the international student, traveler or adventurer.

Traffic on is fed by its newsletter form, sent out once a month to our 52,000 subscribers. In addition, Adventures Abroad’s audience is always fresh; 60% of newsletter subscribers stay with Adventures Abroad for 6 months, find a program and then unsubscribe. These individuals are then replaced by new subscribers, in need of information and services regarding study abroad and international travel.

We strive to ensure that advertisers have the best experience possible when taking out advertisements on, including the following benefits:

  • Placement on all pages related to the chosen category.
  • The ability for interested users to email you directly from the website.
  • Opportunity for inclusion on the front page of the website.

How much does it cost?

Each banner advertisement is displayed on for one month. The cost of advertising is based on the number of advertisements purchased in a group - as more advertisements are purchased, the overall cost of each advertisement purchased in that group decreases. Advertisements can be used in any month within one year of purchase. Please see below for a breakout of the costs.


Number of Advertisements   Total Cost   Savings
  1 $65 USD  - 
  3 $175 USD 10% off
  6 $312 USD 20% off
  12 $499 USD 36% off
We are currently only accepting text based advertisements.


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