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International Student Cards

Being a student is often associated with being broke. Yet for all of the hardships students face, they also have access to oodles of discounts. In order to take advantage of discounts that abound in other countries, you'll need a student identification that is accepted worldwide. Check out these cards and start saving on museums, castles, hotels, restaurants, shops, language schools, theatres, concerts, operas, cinemas, recreational facilities, rentals (autos, motorcycle and bicycle), bus routes, boat routes, railroads and selected airlines.

ISE Cards, Inc
The International Student Exchange I.D. Card is an internationally recognized identification and discount card that is available to students of any age, faculty members, and youths between the ages of 12 and 26 years. It's easy to make your money back if you remember to use your card at museums, restaurants, for buying train tickets, going to the cinema, dining out more.

International Student Identity Cards
ISIC Cards work much in the same way as the ISE Cards. Reference their site for more details.