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Preparing to go abroad involves a lot of planning and preparation. Here are some links to services and things that you may need for your trip. Thanks to the Internet, you can get a lot of the things that you'll need to get online.

Before you depart to a foreign land or take on a new language, it's never a bad idea to do some research about cultural differences, language nuances or just about anything you can think of. Here are some of the subject areas you'll encounter:

•General Study Abroad
•Culture Shock
•Working & Living Abroad
•Youth & Teens Abroad
•Family Travel
•Teaching & Education
•Media Language Resources
•Executive Library - Doing Business Abroad

Travel Accessories
Traveling to another country can be a challenge, so it's best to be prepared. In most cases, bringing too much stuff can turn your trip into a nightmare. It is about bringing the RIGHT stuff and packing it well that helps things run more smoothly. Check out some websites that offer great ideas for travel such as:

•Security belts to secure your currency, plane tickets and credit cards...a MUST have.
•Ear plugs(for air travel)
•Daypacks for tromping around a foreign city.
and MORE...

Student Identification Card
Student ID cards serve a multitude of purposes while you are abroad. The ISE card will get you discounts at countless restaurants, hotels, museums and more while you are abroad.

Stay In Touch
Planning on a reliable means of communication before going abroad can ease some of the tension for both the traveler and those left behind.

International phone cards can be purchased before you go and online within seconds. You'll find links here to companies that offer phone cards. Compare prices and find a good deal for your call home.

Travel Reservations - Flights/Hotels
Modern day technology has opened up travel competition and made for lower fares to just about anywhere and the best place to find the best fares is online. We have made a few websites available for you to browse fares and times to your future destination.

Reserving a hotel online can cut down on the stress of making an international phone call. Many smaller hotels use these services, too. Often times pictures are included.

For some people, knowing that they are covered by insurance in the case of lost luggage or medical emergency abroad helps them sleep at night. For others, they are willing to take the chance.

For whatever type of person you are, her are a few sites that offer international insurance of various types. Check out their sites for a quote.