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Learn about how teens can explore their world and become more culturally understanding individuals. Here are some books that might be of interest.

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Taking a Gap Year  
Taking a Gap Year
by Susan Griffith

Price:  $17.95

Young people approaching the end of school or university are uniquely privileged to be able to contemplate taking a year off before going on to the next phase of their lives. This is the definitive handbook for all those students who want to make the most of a year off before or after their university course to work and travel.

Topics covered include making the decision to take a Gap Year including considering the rewards and risks; discussing the idea with schools, universities and employers; planning and making preparations; and fund raising. Author Susan Griffith includes all the necessary information on the specialist Gap Year programs available, the jobs that can be found by travelers worldwide, the possibilities for voluntary work around the world, joining an expedition, gaining some new skill or qualification, or simply taking the opportunity to travel. First hand stories and case histories from Gap Year travelers vividly illustrate the book.

The Gap Year Book (Lonely Planet Travel Series)  
The Gap Year Book (Lonely Planet Travel Series)
by Charlotte Hindle, Matthew Fletcher, Joseph Bindloss

Price:  $17.99

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Before You Go: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Gap Year  
Before You Go: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Gap Year
Tom Griffiths, Foreword by Michael Palin

Price:  $12.95

The idea of a gap year—taking a year off for traveling—is becoming increasingly popular with recently graduated high school or college students as well as older adults who are looking for a change of pace and scenery. This guide offers advice to would-be explorers (and their concerned parents), including practical information on everything from packing to personal safety. Be it for a couple of weeks or a couple of years, every aspect of planning a trip is discussed, from making the decision to go to selecting travel companions, saving for the trip, and choosing places to visit. Both first-time and experienced travelers will find much-needed assistance to taking the first steps on the journey of a lifetime.

Tom Griffiths is the founder of, an online advice site and chat community for travelers.

Way-Cool French Phrase Book

Way-Cool French Phrase Book
Jane Wightwick, Wina Gunn (Editor), Leila Gaafar (Illustrator), Robert Bowers (Illustrator)

Price:  $6.95

What a cool way for kids 8 to 14 to master new French phrases!

If you despair trying to make French sound hip to kids,here's the answer! Designed for children 8-14 and packed with zany illustrations,Way-Cool French Phrase Book provides useful expressions loaded with street-cred. Young students or travelers will enjoy learning how to gossip,order their favorite junk food,or compliment a friend on her choice of shoes—all in another language.

Harry Learns French

Harry Learns French
Sue Finnie, Annabel Tempest (Illustrator), Daniele Bourdais

Price:  $9.95

Boys and girls in early grades receive a fun-filled, informal introduction to French in this picture book, supplemented with an interactive CD–ROM. Kids go along with Harry and his friends as he visits France. Vivid full-page illustrations show scenes of Harry arriving at the airport, being driven to the home where he will stay as a guest, enjoying lunch in the kitchen, then playing at a beach, visiting a farm, exploring a town and its shops, going to a party, and finally returning to the airport for his flight home. All illustrations are filled with objects that kids will immediately recognize, each object labeled to identify it in French

Going Places
Michelle Roehm McCann

Price:  $18.94

Book Description
Going Places features young people whose lives and views of the world have been changed by travel. In their own words, these travelers tell what they have discovered about overcoming fear, taking on challenges, and reaching out to people in other countries and cultures. Contributors include Mark Pfetzer, who at 15 was the youngest person ever to climb Mt. Everest; Diana Silbergeld, who had visited 16 countries by the age of 12; and Sarah Stillman, who journeyed to Indonesia and interviewed young girls working in Mattel factories producing Barbie dolls. Photographs are included.