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Study Abroad - General

Getting the Most from Study Abroad (Students Helping Students Series)  
Getting the Most from Study Abroad (2002)
by Michael Gallant, Natavi Guides

Price:  $6.95

Written and reviewed by current college students and recent graduates, this guide offers students realistic suggestions to help them get the most out of their study abroad experience from deciding where and when to go, choosing the best housing option, and dealing with culture shock to immersing fully in the new culture, curing homesickness, and softening the blow of reverse culture shock. Honest and revealing, this guide helps students to face and conquer the challenges of study abroad. Entertaining and informative quotes from students who have studied overseas combine with advice from study abroad counselors to give students a clear understanding of what to expect from the international study experience.

Author Biography: Michael Gallant is a student at Columbia University. He lives in Washington, DC.

Travel and Learn: 1001 Vacations around the World
Evelyn Kaye

Price:  $19.95

Learning vacations are booming. More and more Americans take time off to discover how to create mouth-watering meals in Italy, paint exotic pictures in Bali, bicycle through French villages, take Russian classes in Moscow, listen to music in Vienna, study detective stories at Oxford University, and kayak with orca whales.

Rick Steve's Europe Through the Back Door 2004  
Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door
Rick Steves

Price:  $15.36

Ah, the eternal travel questions: What to pack? When should I go? For how long? It's going to cost what!? Learn how to deal with all of the small details of planning a trip to Europe with Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door 2004. Rick Steves, America's number one authority on travel to Europe, shares the real deal on travel to Europe, so there's less left to guessing and more time spent enjoying the journey

Global Citizen: A Guide to Creating an International Life and Career

Global Citizen: A Guide to Creating an International Life and Career
By Elizabeth Kruempelmann

Price:  $16.95

If your dreams of career success include jobs in Prague or Munich, if you want to learn Mandarin while living in China, or if your travel plans always require a passport, then THE GLOBAL CITIZEN is for you. Written by's former international career mentor, Elizabeth Kruempelmann, THE GLOBAL CITIZEN is an international life and career planner that walks you through the ins and outs of working, studying, volunteering, or living in a foreign country.

Study Away: The Unauthorized Guide to College Abroad  
Study Away: The Unauthorized Guide to College Abroad (2003)
by Mariah Balaban, Jennifer Shields

Price:  $13.95

Jennifer Shields and Mariah Balaban are two recent graduates who have just done it themselves-collectively they have studied in Scotland, England, France, Russia, and the West Indies.

Studying Abroad/Learning Abroad  
Studying Abroad/Learning Abroad
by J. Daniel Hess

Price:  $16.95

Here is a book that provides a foundation for effectively managing the experiential learning process of students studying abroad. More streamelined than its predecessor (The Whole World Guide to Culture Learning), it constitutes a student-friendly framework for sorting through the dynamics of the study abroad experience.

Study Abroad 2004  
Study Abroad 2004
Petersons Publishing

Price:  $29.95

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Insider's Guide to Study Abroad: Expert
by Ann M. Moore

Price:  $14.95

College students with international experience can expect a world of professional and educational opportunities to be available to them after graduation. This revealing look at the intricacies of the study-abroad selection and preparation process helps them to see the world and get credit for it. All the essentials are covered -- from information on visas, health, and safety to the do's and don'ts of cross-cultural interaction. Packed with no-frills, insider advice, including specific information for nontraditional and high school students, it shows overseas adventurers how to evaluate and select the right type of program, identify sources of financing, transfer credits and degrees between international and U.S. institutions, market their experience to a potential employer.

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Study Abroad: How to get the Most Out of Your Experience
by Michele-Marie Dowell, Kelly P. Mirslky

Price:  $20.00

Via personalized exercises, this self-directed workbook guides users to fully capitalize on their study abroad experience. Twenty-eight exercises invite learners to take an active role not only in their own preparation for the study abroad experience, but for their personal, academic, and professional growth—and demands from them a critical exploration of their beliefs, goals, and behaviors. The book covers personal development, learning about one's own culture, learning about another culture, professional development, and learning a language. For any student who has chosen to study abroad.

Study Abroad for Dummies  
Study Abroad for Dummies

Price:  $17.99

Want to study abroad? This easy-to-follow guide gives you the lowdown on the entire process, from deciding where to go and filing applications to meeting prerequisites, obtaining a visa, and finding a place to live. You get the inside scoop on getting through the paperwork, adjusting to your new environment, and studying successfully.



Study Abroad 101
Wendy Williamson

Price:  $12.95

Book Description
101 straightforward questions and answers about study abroad, from before you apply to after you return home.

Got questions? Get answers inside this book: So, you want to Study Abroad, Narrowing Down the Options, Planning your Trip, Health and Safety Concerns, Managing Money Abroad, Life in Another Country, Living with the Locals, Keeping in Touch with Home, Life After Study Abroad, Top Secrets You Should Know.


Lessons from the Cyberspace Classroom : The Realities of Online Teaching (Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education Series)
Rena M. Palloff

Price:  $27.30

Book Description
Authors Rena Palloff and Keith Pratt have written a comprehensive reference for faculty to use to hone their skills as online instructors and for students to use to become more effective online learners. Filled with numerous examples from actual online courses and insights from teachers and students, Lessons from the Cyberspace Classroom covers the entire online teaching process. This essential guide offers helpful suggestions for dealing with such critical issues as evaluating effective courseware, working with online classroom dynamics, addressing the needs of the online student, making the transition to online teaching, and promoting the development of the learning community.