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Adventures Abroad has already done some work for you and made up a list of recommended books that address various aspects of study, travel and adventures abroad. This list will be growing constantly to give you the best selection. Let us know if you've come across any particularly useful books that deal with travel, study or working abroad.

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Books by Category:

Study Abroad - General
Books dealing with the general topic of studying abroad are in this category.
Culture Shock / Reverse Culture Shock
Literature addressing the adjustment to a foreign culture whether for a short or long period and in any context can be found here.
Working / Living Abroad
Living and working abroad comes with ups and downs. These books can help to inform you about some of the issues you may face before, during, and after moving abroad.
Youth / Teens Abroad
Many teens are taking the opportunity to travel and live abroad in between their high school and college years. Here is a list of books relating to teens abroad - for both parents and teens.
Books for the Pre and Post-Retirement Years
Some of the best years of your lives can take place after the kids are finally on their own. Take and adventure abroad - these books can help you figure out how.
Family Travel
Family travel does not need to more stressful than everyday life already is. Check out these tips to cut down on the stress of traveling as a family and especially with small children.
Teaching / Education
Many young adults are choosing to spend time abroad as teachers of English. It is generally simple to get the necesary work authorization and visas this way and can make for a great life experience. This list of books discusses the teaching of foreign language, both English abroad and foreign languages in the United States.
Media Language Resources
Thinking about getting a jumpstart on learning a language or feel like brushing up on your high-school German? This section includes language books and listening media to get you started.
Executive Library
Books on doing international business and cross-cultural business issues can be found here.