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Did you ever think that traveling abroad as a family would be a nightmare? Think again and do some research before you rule it out as a possibility.

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Learn French Together: An Activity Kit for Kids and Grown-Ups  
Learn French Together: An Activity Kit for Kids and Grown-Ups
Marie-Clair Antoine, Helga Schier

Price:  $14.95

What a great way to learn French when you and your children are on the road! Developed by the experts at Living LanguageŽ, this book and cassette program includes 16 easy, fun, and effective language games centered around things you typically see while driving. Engaging songs, rhymes, and activities teach basic French words and phrases effortlessly. No previous knowledge of French is required.

Take Your Kids to Europe, 5th: How to Travel Safely (and Sanely) in Europe with Your Children  
Take Your Kids to Europe, 5th: How to Travel Safely (and Sanely) in Europe with Your Children
Cynthia Harriman, Dan Hallinan, Wendy Hallinan

Price:  $17.95

Can an eight-year-old have fun in London? Can you entertain a teenager in Florence? Can an extended family vacation to Europe be a unique and rewarding experience? Absolutely, says Cynthia Harriman, who has gathered the wisdom gained from months of travel abroad with her family into this comprehensive and essential guide. Complete with anecdotes and witty cartoons, this book includes invaluable tips about trip planning, where to stay, where to eat, language skills, finding affordable fun for the entire family and more.

Your Child's Health Abroad: A Manual for Travelling Parents  
Your Child's Health Abroad: A Manual for Traveling Parents
Jane Wilson-Howarth, Matthew Ellis

Price:  $9.06

Fears for children's safety while traveling can sadly put many people off the idea altogether. This book, written by doctors with extensive first-hand experience, is an ideal practical companion for anyone thinking of traveling with a child, whether on a two-week holiday to the Mediterranean or on an extended stay in the developing world.

Your Child's Health Abroad will help parents recognize symptoms and cope with fevers and rashes, pains, infections, stomach upsets and accidents. It will tell you when and how to get medical help. A glossary of medical terms is provided, as are translations of basic medical questions into Spanish, French, Japanese, Thai, and Indonesian.

From preventative planning to the specific problems of different age groups, from new born babies to teenagers, this is the only guide to deal with children's health in all world regions.

A Family Year Abroad: How to Live outside the Border  
A Family Year Abroad: How to Live outside the Border
Chris Westphal

Price:  $16.95

A Family Opportunity for Global Understanding

We live in a continually changing global society where it is essential to become educated about life outside our own borders. Recent attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon sharply remind us of the importance of building strong relationships with people in other countries and educating ourselves about different cultures.

Instead of a vacation, he and his wife, Stephanie, packed up and moved with their two bright, school-aged children to Prague, Czech Republic, for an entire year!

The effect on the familiy was profound. Both children later went on exchange programs to France and have a new appreciation for the world and their place in it.

Funny, insightful, and inspiring, this book is for anyone wanting to lean from others' life experiences abroad or wanting to make a life change.

Smart Vacations: The Traveler's Guide to Leaning Adventures Abroad  
Smart Vacations: The Traveler's Guide to Leaning Adventures Abroad
Priscilla M. Tovey (Editor), Priscilla M. Torey

Price:  $14.95

The authors of Work, Study, Travel Abroad offer a new guide that features more than 200 one-to-six-week learning vacations available throughout the world, including study tours, outdoor adventures, voluntary service, field research, archaeological digs, and more.

Travel with Children  
Travel with Children
Cathy Lanigan, Foreword by Maureen Wheeler

Price:  $14.99

From tots to teens, from Vegas to Vietnam, this practical book is an inspiration for every parent. With vital pre-departure advice from Lonely Planet authors and readers your family will be the best travelling companions you'll ever have. Discover how travel can be the greatest education as your kids explore different cultures, meet local families and answer the age-old riddle, 'Are we there yet?'

* advice on breastfeeding, pregnant travel and on-the-road health
* useful information on packing, planning and preparing for your trip
* detailed country profiles with the best in kid-friendly sights
* travel games to amuse for hours
* foreword by Lonely Planet's Maureen Wheele

Fodor's Around London with Kids: 68 Great Things to Do Together
Jacqueline Brown, Andrea Lehman (Editor)

Price:  $9.90

For this smart, cheerful little book, Fodor's parent-experts have hand-picked 68 terrific things to do around London with a child in tow from the London Zoo the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Written by parents who live in London, this book is smart about what kids like and about what parents need. It includes all the details for planning (addresses, phone numbers, admission prices, and age-appropriateness); "Hey Kids!" info boxes filled with fun facts; ideas for places to grab a bite to eat nearby; and a cool "Games" section that will keep everyone happily occupied while waiting in line.