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What Parents Want to Know About Foreign Language Immersion Programs
  More and more parents are discovering the option of foreign language immersion programs at local schools and considering the benefits and drawbacks for their children. If youĂ•re considering this choice, read on...


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San Jose
Costa Rica
   Special Spanish program for teenagers
   Special Teen Programme of don Quijote for students aged between 14-18 offering spanish courses combined with fun in 3 of the popular student cities in Spain!
   Programs in Costa Rica, England, France, Italy and Spain - for students completing grades 9-12.
   Nothing goes hand in hand quite as well as home schooling and language immersion abroad, for the best of both worlds.
   If your family is anything like most families, there are times when it feels like you're all drifting off in different directions. A Family Study Abroad Program this summer may be just the preverbal glue you n...
   Experience the world while lending a helping hand this Summer.
   This small resort town is considered by many to be one of the best preserved and most beautiful alpine villages in the country.
   Teens will not only be learning the Spanish language during their stay, they will also be taking in all the culture that is emitting from this wonderful town. The main objective of the program is to improve st...
   Learn and live the culture as a family in wonderful Oaxaca.


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