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College & University - Undergraduate, graduate, technical schools, semester and year programs

   If you are looking to get college credit, or develop marketable skills that you can use for the rest of your life, then you're in the right place. These programs offer classes in a wide variety of disciplines, at all levels, either in the local language or in your own language.

Work & Intern Abroad - Jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities

   If you are looking to work over a summer, to volunteer in a developing country, or to find an internship to advance your future international career, you'll find what you're looking for here!

Culture, Art & Cooking - Cultural immersion programs, hobby courses, cooking classes, art courses, etc.

   The list of opportunities you'll find in this section is long. Whether you would like to learn about the Renaissance art movement in France, or how to cook authentic Italian food, these programs offer all sorts of learning opportunities.

Family Friendly - Fun, learning-oriented trips for families with little ones as well as teens.

   Year round program opportunities for mom, dad, and the kids! Quality family time can include learning together, so check out some of the many possibilities for your family to explore the world, a culture or a language.

Language Study - Programs dedicated to language study for beginners to advanced levels

   If you've ever felt that learning a language would be an amazing experience, then stop wasting time, and check out this list of language learning programs based all over the world.

For Teachers - Courses on teaching methods for ESL teachers as well as foreign language instructors

   If you teach English as a Second Language or if you teach a foreign language, then check out these programs that can suggest valuable teaching tips. Foreign language teachers may also find programs to help them brush up on and stay in touch with the language that they teach.

The Teen Scene - Teen language and learning camps, summer schools abroad, and other learning programs.

   Perhaps you or your teen is not ready to take the step from high school to college, and is confused about his or her place in the world. Let him or her go explore the world, learn a foreign language over the summer or learn about Greek history in Greece. It is one of the best gifts you can give.

Executive Lounge - Hi-end business language courses, cross-cultural business training and much more.

   In this day and age, the need to speak, or understand another language, or another culture's world view is priceless for an executive. The world of international business demands that executives not get caught up in small crises due to cross-cultural communication breakdown. Send your executives on a cross-cultural training course or on a language for business course abroad and reap the benefits.

Mature Adults - Leaning, language, and cultural programs for individuals 50 or older.

   There is never an excuse to stop learning - at any age in life. Take yourself on a deserved vacation and take a cooking, language or culture course, or an educational safari that will push you to your limits. These programs offer all sorts of opportunities for learning, for any age and any desire.

Cultural Adventures - Special courses over the holidays, opportunities to learn and celebrate international holidays and more.

   Get away from the stress of the holidays at home and take yourself, a friend, or even your whole family on an educational adventure during the holidays. Take advantage of the lack of tourists in foreign countries during the holidays for an more authentic experience. Look here for programs that take place during the holidays and find out what you can do.

$ More for Less $ - Discounted programs or courses, Savings on airfare and more.

   Don't think that going abroad has to break the bank. Look here for some ways to save money on your educational trip.

Distance Education - What's new at schools around the globe?

   Check out the latest program announcements and the latest developments on the international education scene by reading the articles below.


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