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  City Dijon
  Country France
  Language Taught: French
  Program Duration: 2/4/6/8/16 weeks
  Program Starts: Weekly
  Minimum Fee: $400
  Maximum Fee: $1180
  Cost Includes: Tuition
Tuition includes language classes and workshops, lectures on subjects of general cultural interest, and a variety of optional courses.
  Hours per Week: 20/25
  Minimum Age: 18
  Lodging Offered: Homestay


The courses offered by the CIEF are open to adults aged 18 and over
(for under-age students, please consult us for our special conditions). Minimum academic requirement: proof of completion of secondary education (baccalaureat or equivalent).

Placement tests are held at the beginning of each session.
Classes take place on the campus of the University of Burgundy.
The teaching staff, all specialists in French as a foreign language,
are present from the day you arrive to look after your orientation.
The administrative staff are available to help you with all questions
concerning your stay in Dijon, your studies and accommodation.

Situated in the University's central administration building, the CIEF's media center provides specially designed individual study facilities for students who can also obtain advice and guidance from the librarian.

Additional computers, for word-processing and internet and e-mail access, are available, free of charge, in multimedia rooms on the campus.

SUMMER COURSES : These are intensive courses designed for non-native French speakers wishing to learn or improve their knowledge of French.

General organization
An orientation test on the first day of the session determines the level of each student who is then placed in the appropriate group.
All classes begin on the second day.
Classes take place from Monday to Friday on the campus of the University of Burgundy.

Organization of teaching
Number of hours: between 20 and 25 each week (depending on the level and the options followed).
Teaching is based on up-to-date language-learning methods and original documentary material bringing students into contact with French life and culture.
Assessment - Certificates - Diplomas
Students' progress is monitored through continuous assessment based on assignments,tests and examinations. At the end of the session, a certificate is issued, indicating the level followed, and the results obtained, together with a record of attendance.


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