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For Students of Italian with an interest in ART who know of MANTEGNA


  City Verona
  Country Italy


Students of Italian ! those who as well have a serious interest in the famous Art of the Renaissance Period, as it commenced in Italy - here is some real NEWS ! Forthcoming between mid-September and the end of 2006 there will be a most extensive and significant exhibition of the scope of artistic contribution in that vital period of the Early Renaissance in Verona, Italy, by the artistic genius, Andrea MANTEGNA

Because this great artist's presence and his most important works occurred in the three Italian cities of Padua, Mantua, and particularly Verona, it is the desire of the Centro Studi IDEA VERONA, a school there whose basic offerings consist of the study of "Lingua, Arte, e Cultura", to INFORM every student of Italian and the Renaissance art of Italy of this extraordinary event. ? which may well be of great interest to YOU !

The most amazing aspect of this vast exhibition of Mantegna?s work during the period 1450 - 1500, consisting of a variety of frescoes, paintings, sculptures and inlaid work still in their original settings, consists also of artworks on loan from seven other nations including Boston and New York. A basic inexpensive admission card provides free admission to the major sites as well as a reduced price to most other exhibits. Also included in like exhibitions is the art to be seen in the churches and museums of nearby Padua and Mantua. All of this great array is well organized with guided tours, available in packages and reduced prices, coordinated with the basic exhibition in Verona, with AMT city bus transportation provided in most cases.

Every student of Italian and the Renaissance art of Italy are strongly encouraged to consider this extraordinary opportunity which this extensive event offers. For more complete information you are urged to view the following websites,: , , ,or of the school for tour information you may contact or telephone: Inarte at 39 045 8033194 .


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