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Why Should I Do an Unpaid Internship Abroad?


  Country Europe
  Remunation: Unpaid


Many students want to know why there are so few paid internships available at NRCSA schools and, frankly, what's in it for them. The answer to this question is made up of multiple factors and does depend on various conditions.

For example, many internships offered in Latin America are mainly unpaid because neither the schools nor the businesses and/or institutions that work with them can afford to pay the intern. They want to offer the opportunities but it?s just not in their budgets to pay a wage. This being said, it is important not to overlook what can be gained from the experience. Though unpaid, these internships are not looked at as volunteer positions, they are clearly defined as internships for those who need real life work experience and/or for those who want to obtain academic credit for their internship. And for the intern, the opportunity to not only work in a real business or institution but also to do it in a foreign country and in a foreign language is experience that says volumes on a student transcript or resume.

In another example, internships offered in Europe are often unpaid for non-European Union citizens. The reason for this is usually political and well out of the reach of the organization sponsoring the internship to do anything about. But, here to, the intern will be provided with a position that is both challenging and rewarding, will add a breadth of knowledge not available in most domestic internships - and look stunning on your resume.

All-in-all it?s best to view an internship as something that, even though it may not pay now, will definitely pay later - and well.


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