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Living and Studying in the Home of your Language Teacher.


  City Worldwide
  Language Taught: Spanish
  Program Duration: 1+ weeks
  Program Starts: Weekly


Home Immersion - where a student lives and studies in the home of their teacher, is an alternative language and culture immersion concept for those looking beyond a 'one size fits all' language school or university program.

The reason for its success is because it is the only system in which the student cannot speak his/her native language after the class is finished, as there are no other students in the house, in their classes (tutorial), or in their social circle who speak the students native language. All lessons take place in the teacher's home on a one-to-one basis and conversation at mealtimes is an added bonus. Most students from the U.S.A. choose to study French in France, German in Germany, Spanish in South America or Italian in Italy, but there are also requests for more unusual languages such as Gaelic in Ireland, Hungarian in Budapest, Norwegian in Oslo, Chinese in Taiwan or China or Russian in St. Petersburg or Moscow. There are surprisingly few problems with culture shock and the quality of the home immersion environment usually helps defray any anxiety students may have towards learning the language or towards being immersed in another culture.

Home Immersion teachers are recruited from many different backgrounds and they all have in common that they are all qualified with a university degree and/or teaching certificate relevant to teaching their native language to foreign students. Students who take Home Immersion courses are of all ages, similarly there are teachers that work with adults, teens and young children, depending on the age of the student. We find that teachers who are also young mothers with children nearly always request young students who will mix in with their own children, whilst retired teachers prefer want adults of a mature character. We also recruit teachers who work full-time at various schools and, although they cannot receive students while they are in full-time work, they are very ready to accept students in their summer, Easter and Christmas vacations.

Organising such programmes can often give rise to amusing or sometimes not so amusing problems. Students often ask 'What if we do not like the teacher?'. This happens less often than one might think, but we have Local Organisers in every town we offer and they guarantee to change any student who for any reason does not get on with the host family.

We often have a teaching familes that get consistently 'excellent' reports, but there was one occasion when rave reviews came from an American gentleman visiting the South of France for a family that was considered good, but not superlative. The Local Organiser for that area commented to the teacher that she was surprised that the student was SO appreciative of her efforts - and she replied 'He certainly should be - he married my daughter last week'.

While we do try to meet the placement requests that match up a students and host family, there are occasionally requests we cannot gurantee to meet. One Japanese gentleman went asked for a young female teacher with nice legs. Thus ensued a tactful explanation that nice legs do not necessarily mean a good teacher and, secondly, that nice legs were not part of the facilities offered!

The bottom line is that home immersion programs offer complete immersion in the language and culture - for as little as one week or as long as one has the desire and means to study. Average program length is 3-5 weeks. Children can be accomodated in the home of a teacher who has children, executives can be accomdodated in an upscale home with other professionals, Teachers with teachers, etc. Whatever helps make the best experience for a student.

Because Home Immersion experiences are tailored to the needs and requests of a particular student, we do ask Home Immersion students register a minimum of 40-60 days prior to the desired start date of their program.


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