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Home schooling and Language Immersion Abroad


  Country France
  Language Taught: French
  Program Duration: 1+ weeks
  Program Starts: Weekly
  Hours per Week: 15+


The trend of an international increase in the number of students home schooled transcends borders, students from France to Japan are taking to the books at home, with parents and caregivers having an ever increasing role in their education.

While the benefits of home schooling are many, language acquisition and study abroad are two specific areas where a little outside help can greatly compliment studies at home with the primary teacher.

Learning a foreign language isn?t easy - and the same parent or caregiver teaching math, science and English from books and personal knowledge, often are not going to have the background to also teach one or more foreign languages - especially if the student has the ability to choose which foreign languages are of interest to them.

Foreign language immersion programs abroad allow a student to focus on language study for a defined period of time, with experts who specialize in teaching the language. A foreign language cannot be learned from a book - to truly understand, speak, read and communicate in a foreign language takes personal experience that rarely can be had outside foreign language immersion (via study abroad, growing up in a multi-lingual household, etc).

Plus, many studies have shown that foreign languages are learned faster, with longer retention, if learned in their native settings. So a month studying French in Switzerland, Japanese in Japan, or Portuguese in Brazil -- can be the equivalent to a year or more of study in your home country. For parents serious about their son or daughter becoming fluent in one or more languages - immersion is essential.

Language immersion abroad offers a unique, international social setting unparalleled by most other experiences a student or person will have in their lifetimes. Most language programs abroad are multinational, drawing interested people from all walks of life, all ages, and countries in every corner of the globe. Students studying language abroad have the opportunity to be exposed to not only the culture of the country in which they are studying, but also those of classmates from around the world. Plus - everyone is in the same boat together: new country, new people, new language. The bonding created between people in a setting like this is one of the fastest I have observed - people become fast friends in a matter of hours or days, relationships students make with others in their classes continue on for years and transcend borders. Not only does this sure beat the social benefits of the local public high school - this is a unique experience that helps students learn interpersonal communication, maturity, self-reliance and confidence.

Home schooling offers many the very desirable benefit of a controlled environment in which their children can learn - but most people will agree that experiences outside the home will overall help the home schooled student to grow holistically and become a more well rounded adult. Because of this, more and more homeschoolers who may not have the advantages of a classroom full of other students with whom to interact - are actively engaged in group activities via sports, the Arts, volunteering and similar types of activities. By introducing international education, language immersion, travel, and cultural sensitivity to the list, this helps completes the education process in a unique way that both compliments and expands upon the experiences a homeschooler has.

After all - if home schooling is an effort to offer the best of all worlds to our children - why not offer the world?


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